EAT: Yogen Früz, 1 Mont Kiara

Let’s be honest: who here doesn’t enjoy a cup full of creamy frozen yogurt on a warm day?

I am a huge fan of the stuff. And here in blisteringly hot KL, there’s no shortage of frozen yogurt joints from which you can get a quick fix; Tutti Frutti, Moo Cow, Sweet Chills, SPOON… Everyday is a froyo day here!

So when I stumbled upon an unfamiliar froyo outlet in 1 Mont Kiara the other day, my interest was piqued. Yogen Früz is fairly new to the Malaysian market – originally from Canada, it opened its first outlet here in May of last year. It now has six locations locally, including KLCC!

2013-04-30 21.12.16-1e

The 1 Mont Kiara outlet!

Its concept is partly similar to Tutti Frutti’s – build your own frozen yogurt and pay by weight. Yogen Früz charges 53 sen per 10 grams, so a typical froyo (200-250 grams) is about RM10-15 per cup. Totally reasonable!

The thing I love about Yogen Früz is that besides the self-service froyo dispensers, you can also ask for a customised froyo; choose from a good variety of fruits and they’ll pop whatever you picked into a froyo machine with a bar of yogurt! Then you get to watch the machine churn out your own deliciously smooth frozen yogurt ahhh. ♡_♡

I picked peach and strawberry for my custom froyo, and loaded mine with a good mix of yummy toppings; mini marshmallows, cone crumbs, granola, butterscotch chips and dark chocolate tablets. Can you already tell that I’m a candy lover? :X

2013-04-30 21.11.47-1

Ta-dah! The finished product :D

I was unsure about the strawberries at first, thinking it could turn out sour, but the server assured me that Yogen Früz only uses Belgian strawberries, so they’re supposedly sweeter. It sure came out yummy! My froyo was decadently smooth and creamy. Best of all, it’s 98% fat free!

2013-04-30 21.13.02-1

Verdict: Much better than Tutti Frutti, imo ;)

photo (3)

Rebecca opted for a blueberry and raspberry mixed froyo. Hers has healthier toppings than mine hahaha – fresh cut strawberries, pumpkin seeds and crunchy oat squares.

2013-04-30 21.13.14-1

I think I’ve found a new frozen yogurt love! It’s a bit of a wallet-buster, but the yumminess is so worth the damage. Once a week couldn’t hurt! They also specialise in making smoothies, but I’ve yet to try one of those. That’s another visit for another post!

Yogen Früz
L1-25, 1 Mont’ Kiara,
1 Jalan Kiara, Mont’ Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Call: 03 6411 0975/6

Check out their website here for more locations and other info!


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