EAT: Fat Boy’s Burger Bar, Publika


I was feeling kinda peckish a few weeks back, so I decided to hit up my current fave burger joint for a quick supper with Abigail and Howie. Fat Boy’s Burger Bar in Publika has the feel of an American diner; from the jazzy music to the chatty bustle of patrons to the sinfully, greasily good food, everything about this place will put you at ease. If you’re looking for a low-fat-no-fat kind of place, I suggest you stop right here and go read about some japanese food instead.

The thing I like about Fat Boy’s: it’s one of those build-your-own-burger joints, but there’s also a substantial menu you can pick from if the thought of burger customisation overwhelms you (like me lol). It’s primarily beef burgers served here, but there’s also chicken, pork, lamb and vegetarian mushroom burgers available! If you don’t fancy a burger (but why would you be at a burger bar?!) you could pick up some yummy comfort food instead like country fried steak, fish n chips, and mac and cheese. So there’s something for everyone :D

Note: All burgers are served with a side of thick-cut fries, lettuce and tomato, and are done medium-well unless otherwise instructed!

Photo 15-05-2013 10 24 21 PM

Mahalo (RM19). A juicy bacon-stuffed pork patty (yes, for real!) that’s topped with caramelised onions, grilled pineapple, melted monterey jack cheese and mayonnaise, all in a sesame seed bun.

Photo 15-05-2013 10 24 53 PM

Incredibly tasty! The patty was the delightful handmade kind that falls apart easily when you bite; none of that stiff, processed meat types.

Photo 15-05-2013 10 25 21 PM

Swiss Shroom (RM18.50). A beef chuck patty with roasted garlic aioli, smothered in melted swiss emmenthal cheese and sautéed shiitake mushrooms, on a wholemeal bun.

Photo 15-05-2013 10 25 50 PM


It doesn’t look as impressive as the Mahalo, but it could definitely hold its own taste-wise! The smoky mushrooms were a perfect accompaniment to the succulent beef, and the aioli and cheese wrapped all the flavours up nicely for nomming.

Photo 15-05-2013 10 26 43 PM

Bolly Wooly (RM18.50). A thick lamb patty over lettuce, tomato and homemade curry remoulade, topped with mango chutney, all sandwiched together in a honey oat bun.

Photo 15-05-2013 10 27 44 PM

Lamb and chutney? A sinfully good combination! This burger would be perfect if only it didn’t have a tomato slice in it (m’not a fan of fresh tomatoes). And maybe if we added an onion ring. Too much? I’ll find out next visit!

Photo 15-05-2013 10 05 35 PM

Bourbon Street (RM23). This boozy milkshake is a decadent mixture including malt, nutella, peanut butter and of course bourbon, topped with heaping whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. I actually regretted this. :X I couldn’t down it initially because of the peculiar aftertaste. Howie seemed to like it though, so he finished it off. I’ll probably stick to a proper cocktail next time, or even just a regular joe milkshake.

Photo 15-05-2013 10 21 18 PM

An entire wall is dedicated to their burger bar menu! That’s me trying to engage Howie in conversation for the camera (btw thanks Abigail!), and him being uncooperatively blurry. T_T

Photo 15-05-2013 10 23 05 PM

The interior! You can sit at cafeteria-style bench tables, high breakfast bars (like us!) or al fresco if you prefer your burgers with sunshine.

Photo 15-05-2013 11 17 38 PM

With the best friend!

Photo 15-05-2013 11 16 51 PM

All three of us!

Photo 15-05-2013 10 19 40 PM

We’d arrived slightly before 10pm, so it was pretty empty with only two other tables besides ours. Service was quick and friendly though, even at that late hour. And the burgers were good. I’ve also tried the Wimpy (a more manageable, single version of Fat Boy’s signature double-patty beef monstrosity – crazy yummy!) and the Philly Cheese Steak (passable; can’t beat the ones you get in the states!) on previous visits. Definitely need to make another trip back here, am itching to try out their grilled portobello burger and meatballs!

(The original outlets are in Singapore, so check out the website for locations if you’d rather grab a burger there.)

Fat Boy’s Burger Bar
G2-30, Ground floor,
Publika Solaris Dutamas,
Mont’ Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Call: 03-6206 1352

Check out their website here for the full-fledged menu and all the burger bar items!







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